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Propolis What's So Special About Propolis?

Propolis is a natural product collected by bees from trees and plants. It is brown in colour and when cold looks like glass crystals but when warm becomes a pliable sticky resin. If you think of the sticky buds of horse chestnut trees or the resin exuded by plum and cherry trees when injured then you will have a good idea of what propolis is.

When collected from the hive propolis is made up of plant and tree resin (50%) beeswax (30%) essential oils (10%) and pollen (5%). The remaining 5% include organic and amino acids, minerals and bioflavonoids, now believed to be the active ingredient in the healing process.

It is a sticky filler substance, which the bees use to seal up the hive, protecting it from the outside environments. The bees also coat the entire surface of the hive with propolis to create one of the most sterile environments known to nature to protect the colony from the spread of infection within, performing the role of auto-immune system by acting as a combined antibiotic, antiviral and antifungal substance.

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