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Mead is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world and is steeped in legend and mystery. Our mead is a traditional mead made from honey, water, yeast and a little citric acid/lemon juice, and does not contain other wine or grape juice.

The term "honeymoon" is linked to the alleged custom of drinking honey based mead for a month (moon) after the wedding to ensure a male child. Besides its reputation for being an aphrodisiac it has also been suggested that mead may have medicinal properties.

In our opinion traditional mead should not contain grape juice. If it does it should be referred to as "Pyment" rather than mead. At best Pyment can be quite drinkable and at worst be a poor sweet white wine with honey added. If it is sweet, thick and cloying it probably has grape juice in it and is not a "traditional" mead

Mead can be dry, medium or sweet (Sack) and all stages in between. To achieve a medium mead would require about 4lbs of honey per gallon, this equates to a little under 1/2 lb of honey per bottle, whereas for a sack mead about 5lbs of honey per gallon would be right - this is usually added gradually over the fermentation period or there is the risk of the fermentation "stopping". Mead needs about a year in oak barrels to develop character - a Sack mead should ideally have at least four years to develop properly. The alcohol level will vary from about 7% for a dry to about 15% for a good Sack (lots of honey) mead. We would suggest serving mead lightly chilled and whilst mead keeps well it should be kept cool and closed to reduce oxidation. Mead makes an excellent aperitif and dessert wine or just for drinking on its own.

Please note we have now sold all our stock of mead and whilst we are happy to answer any questions you may have on Mead we do not plan to produce more in the foreseeable future.