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We supply beeswax, beeswax furniture polish, beekeeping equipment
We also supply Somerset honey when available.
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Which type of beeswax should I use?
Beeswax blocks are good when you are rubbing it onto thread or you need to melt the whole block in one go. The blocks are made from ordinary beeswax and are NOT to BP quality. Pelleted or Granulated is good when you have to measure out an exact amount for a recipe or you want varying amounts. The ordinary pelleted beeswax is a high quality beeswax but not certified as BP quality and therefore more suitable for candles, polish, etc.

What does BP mean?
It means it has met the British standard for pharmaceutical use and it should be a reassurance for those using our wax for skin care and food related products and other uses where a high degree of purity is required and expected.

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Beeswax Blocks
1oz (approx 28g) Block of Pure Beeswax - £0.98 Buy

Pelleted Beeswax 100g Bag of Granulated Beeswax (BP Quality)- £3.65 Buy

100g Bag of Pelleted Beeswax- £3.30


The pellets are about the same size as split peas - if that helps!

Beeswax Blocks

1oz (approx 28g) Decorative Block of Pure Beeswax with bee motif

£1.30 Buy

500g Granulated Beeswax

500g Tub of Granulated Beeswax (BP Quality)- £15.00 Buy

We can make up larger quantities to special order. Please phone 01823 322228 for more information.

Beeswax Polish

Beeswax Furniture Polish containing Pure Beeswax and Turpentine - 100ml - £3.75

This polish is hand made from pure beeswax and turpentine - not turpentine substitute - and should be applied sparingly as a little goes a long way.


We can make up larger quantities to special order and vary the mix - i.e. make it wetter.
Please phone 01823 322228 for more information.

1Kg tub of honey
1Kg Tub of Clear Somerset Honey. - £9.00

This is a medium coloured honey with a good mid-range flavour.


Honey Comb
Honey Comb - 200g approx - £4.50

This is honeycomb from our own bees in Somerset, England. It is honey as it comes from the hive, it can't have been heat treated or filtered and is honey in its most natural state. It is only available during the summer months because they just can't make enough to meet the demand throughout the year. To store honey comb for more than a few weeks without it setting keep it in the freezer. It will thaw back as runny honey.


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