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We are clearing our stock of high quality beekeeping equipment at special prices. .

We no longer stock hives or frames but you may like to read our article on the different types of hives see Hives

Hive Tools A well-designed hive tool is essential for ease of manipulation.
The tool on the right is an uncapping fork/tool used for lifting the caps of closed drone cells for the inspection of sealed brood for Varroa or when honey extracting to remove cappings on cells missed by an uncapping knife.

From left to right they are:-

Stainless Steel J-Type (Silver) Hive Tool - £2.50 Buy

Steel Scraper Type (Red) Hive Tool - £2.50 Buy

Uncapping Fork/Tool with Cranked Handle - £2.00

Queen Cage
Queen Cage
- A two part telescopic queen cage with clip on end cap.

Plastic Queen Cage - £0.15


Grafting Tool Bee Larvae/Egg Grafting Tool
A simple and effective grafting tool

Grafting Tool - £0.50


Uncapping Knive

Uncapping Knife - Scalloped Edge - Stainless Steel - £5.00


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