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We stock a limited range of high quality beekeeping clothing and equipment at sensible prices and we are always willling to discuss your needs without any pressure to buy. We no longer stock hives or frames but you may like to read our article on the different types of hives see Hives

Bee Suits

Bee Suits This full length, high quality and heavy duty Polycotton beekeeping suit is equipped with a fencing style hood. Besides the standard pockets in the trousers and chest area there are also pockets just above the knees, narrow pockets on the upper arms and side pockets for your hive tool.
The wrists and ankles are elasticated and the ankles have zips for ease of putting on. There are elastic retaining loops at the ankle and wrist to prevent "riding-up".
The veil is fully detachable from the suit for machine washing.
An excellent bee suit which comes complete with a carry bag.

Bee Suit - £29.99 Buy

Sorry, we have sold out of the MEDIUM and EXTRA LARGE size but will give a refund on the LARGE or SMALL size if it doesn't fit and has not been used.

Available in sizes Small and Large only.

Important: Please remember to state the size when ordering.
See Below.

Bee Gloves Kid Leather Beekeeping Gloves These soft and pliable kid leather gloves are of excellent quality and have extended protection over the inner wrist - a hot spot bees always go for - and a longer gauntlet which ends just above the elbow thereby reducing the tendency for the gauntlet to ride down and your sleeve to ride up therefore increasing your protection.

Kid Leather Gloves - £7.99 Buy

Sorry, we have sold out of the SMALL and MEDIUM size but will give a refund on the LARGE size if too large and has not been used.
Important: Please confirm the size when ordering. See Below.

Hive Tools A well-designed hive tool is essential for ease of manipulation.
The tool on the right is an uncapping fork/tool used for lifting the caps of closed drone cells for the inspection of sealed brood for Varroa or when honey extracting to remove cappings on cells missed by an uncapping knife.

From left to right they are:-

Stainless Steel J-Type Hive Tool - £3.99 Buy

Steel Scraper Type Hive Tool - £3.99 Buy

Uncapping Fork/Tool with Cranked Handle - £2.99

Bee Brush

A best quality soft and flexible brush for gently brushing bees from frames or Queen cells.

Bee Brush - £3.25


Queen Cage
Queen Cage
- A two part telescopic queen cage with clip on end cap.

Plastic Queen Cage - £0.15


Grafting Tool Bee Larvae/Egg Grafting Tool
A simple and effective grafting tool

Grafting Tool - £0.50


Filter Honey Filter

Stainless steel two part filter with adjustable support arms to fit buckets or tanks.

Stainless Steel two part Filter - £7.00


Uncapping Knive

Uncapping Knife - Scalloped Edge - Stainless Steel - £7.50


Choosing the Correct Size

Suits and Jackets. The measurements in the Table below should be used as a guide to selecting the correct size of garment for you. Remember you should wear the protective clothing over other clothing to ensure full protection. Therefore, the Waist measurement of the protective clothing should not be the measurement you normally use for selecting trousers. Add at least a couple of inches to your normal size to allow for any trousers worn underneath.   Better still, measure your waist and chest etc., whilst wearing clothes and then add a bit for comfort.  Finally, we strongly recommend you choose a size a shade on the large size to ensure comfort and maximum protection. We will of course offer a full refund or exchange if you select the wrong size. You only need pay for the return postage.









42" (107)

38" (97)

42" (107)

22" (56)

27" 69)

60" (152)


46" (117)

40" (102)

44" (112)

23" (58)

31" (79)

70" (178)


50" (127)

42" (107)

46" (117)

25" (64)

32" (81)

73" (185)


54" (137)

46" (114)

48" (122)

26" (66)

34" (86)

77" (196)

 * Height - is the maximum height of the beekeeper.  If the suit is too small for your height the hat brim will be pulled down if you look up.
The Extra Large is very large and if you have any doubts order the Large - we can always swap them if you are not completely happy.

Gloves . Gloves are sized by measuring around the widest part of your hand - excluding the thumb, i.e. the circumference of the palm at its widest point. This distance in inches is your glove size. For example, 7.5" = Small, 8" = Medium, 9"= Large and 10"+ =XLarge. If in doubt tell us your shoe size and that is normally your glove size in inches - strange but true!


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