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What's So Special About Honey Comb?

Honeycomb This is honey still in the comb and therefore in its most natural state. It can't have been heat treated, filtered or added to. It may be a small square wooden frame of honey but these days it's more likely to be a square of comb cut out of a full size frame. We supply the later because it's a hell of a job to get the bees to fill a small wooden frame uniformly whereas if we cut a square from a large frame we can be more selective and feed back to the bees the bits left over. Cut comb is sold by weight and although it comes in plastic containers designated as 8oz or 12oz the actual weight depends on the thickness of the comb it was cut from.

Many people ask "how you are supposed to eat it?" . The answer is that some people just eat the lot, wax and honey. Others chew it and reject the wax that is left after all the honey is gone. I like to spread it on hot toast, let it melt in, and then eat it all. The choice is yours and the wax will not hurt you. Some people say eating the lot is good for Hay Fever since the outer wax has a lot of pollen embedded in it. We are not allowed to make medicinal claims but feel that this is the best way to eat pure, unadulterated honey straight from the hive.

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