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The Body Care product range consists of:

Skin Care Bath and Shower Hair Care

Gardeners Hand Cream

Gardeners Hand Cream.

Contains honey, beeswax, wheatgerm, caster oil and comfrey oil. The cream helps form a barrier to protect the skin.

Gardeners Hand Cream with fragrance - 100g - £5.20 - Buy
Gardeners Hand Cream without fragrance - 100g - £5.20 - Buy
Order two Gardeners Hand Cream with fragrance - 100g - £9.99 - Buy
Order two Gardeners Hand Cream without fragrance - 100g - £9.99 - Buy

Propolis Cream

Propolis Cream.
Propolis is collected by bees -
see the article on propolis. This cream also contains honey.

Propolis Cream - 50g - £5.25 - Buy
Propolis Cream - 100g - £9.95 - Buy

Cleansing Lotion

Cleansing Lotion. (With Cucumber)
A blend of honey, beeswax and natural oils to remove makeup, allowing the skin to feel clean and fresh.
Cleansing Lotion - 250ml - £6.80 -Buy

Skin Toner

Skin Toner. (With Rosewater)
Use after the cleansing lotion to freshen the skin.
Skin Toner - 250ml - £5.40 - Buy

Body Lotion.
A daily all over moisturiser beneficial after bathing, shower or exposure to sun. A very soft gentle lotion with honey and aloe vera. Restores softness.
Body Lotion - 250ml - £7.40 - Buy

Propolis Tinture

Tinture of Propolis.

Propolis in liquid form.
Tinture of Propolis - 30ml - £5.15 - Buy

Bath and Shower

Bath and Shower
Shower Gel

Get up and go with this invigorating and moisturising gel. Natural oils and aloe vera. Cleans and refreshes.

Shower Gel - 250ml - £4.45 -

Foam Bath

Soft and gentle, aloe vera, honey and apricot oil provides a beautiful aroma, whilst having a relaxing bath.

Foam Bath - 250ml - £4.30 - Buy


Anti-Persperant and Deodorant

A gentle and reliable deodorant with a hint of fragrance.

Anti-Persperant and Deodorant - 50ml - £2.15 - Buy

Hair Care



This rich and creamy shampoo contains honey and coconut oil to help restore the natural structure and balance. Ideal for all types of hair.

Shampoo - 250ml - £3.30 -

Hair Conditioner

Hair Conditioner
Contains honey and is suitable for all hair types.

Hair Conditioner - 250ml - £3.95 - Buy

Skin Care Bath and Shower Hair Care

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